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All files are in GeoTIFF or IMAGINE IMG format with metadata in xml and html format.

Land Cover


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DISCLAIMER: The Remote Sensing and Geospatial and Analysis Laboratory, University of Minnesota, has attempted to produce accurate maps, statistics and information of land cover and impervious surface area. However, it makes no representation or warranties, either expressed or implied, for the data accuracy, currency, suitability or reliability for any particular purpose. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, errors and conditions originating from the source data and processing may be present in the data supplied. Users are reminded that all geospatial maps and data are subject to errors in positional and thematic accuracy. The user accepts the data as is. and assumes all risks associated with its use. The data are the intellectual property of the University of Minnesota. They may be used for educational and non-commercial purposes, provided proper attribution is given. Secondary distribution of the data is permitted, but not supported by the University of Minnesota. By accepting the data, the user agrees not to transmit this data or provide access to it or any part of it to another party unless the user shall include with the data a copy of this disclaimer. The University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency assume no responsibility for actual or consequential damage incurred as a result of any user's reliance on the data.